Letting All Women Of The World Shine


My name is Lieve Leysen. I am the initiator of “Letting All Women Of The World Shine” and I am excited to give you more info about my idea and vision about this.

My biggest wish is that all women of the world can shine, free of body problems and pain caused by stress ✨💖✨

My vision is to:

🌸  help women find female role models and female top specialists in their field with a similar path to their own and from the same origin and/or part of the world 

🌸  give entrepreneurial women, who offer services and dream big, more visibility 

🌸  teach women & girls to dream big(ger) and how they can enjoy life to the fullest throughout their whole life

🌸  contribute to projects that help women: moving forward in life, taking action to get a better life and taking their life in own hands. 

🌸  contribute to projects where I can be of some value for women who are really longing to be able to enjoy life to the full and want to learn how they can do that and move forward and get an abundance of joy in the simplest, fastest & most pleasant way  ✨🍀✨

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Every woman is like a beautiful unique flower with an incredible power and potential, who can reach anything that her heart desires

Lieve Leysen


The story that inspired this vision:

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Take good care of yourself, your flower, and always put your own wellbeing in the first place.

Thank you for your time to read this.


Lieve 😊💖

Leave your details here to learn more about the project or to be part of it.