“Let All Women Of The World Shine”

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Job Expectations:

  • Setting up a strategy, system & structure for automated posts on social media
  • Setting up a strategy, system & structure for mailings
    • Creating templates for:
      • newsletters
      • mailings
  • Content creation
  • Research and mapping the women’s groups landscape 
  • Informing other women circles
  • Give Lieve updates about trends & best practices 
  • Synchronise & or backup everything you create
  • Document all the tasks/ processes of your job with video & text (see Lieve when needed)
  • Give Lieve a weekly report (maximum 1 x A4) with simple bullet points of what is accomplished (no sentences needed)
  • Meeting with Lieve 1/week 
  • Team meeting when necessary

Your Approach:

  • You always look for the simplest, most pleasant and most efficient system for every party involved
  • You do everything that is needed to reach the end result, respecting our vision & our core values
  • What you write is only susceptible to one interpretation
  • You ask all the questions needed, when things are unclear
  • You take initiative and share new ideas when you feel this could improve our productivity or services
  • Put your own well-being on the first place in everything you do:
    • Ask for help when you are stuck or when you need it
    • You take the best care of yourself and respect your own boundaries
  • JOY is your highest purpose in everything you do & for every party involved

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