Compensation Plan For Team Members

“Letting All Women Of The World Shine”


Compensation through Publicity & Services


  • Your name on our website as team member, included your specialty
  • Link on our website to one of your own webpages (website or social media profile)
  • Reference for future employers (when needed)
  • Testimonial on video for your future employers and/or clients (when positive end result)

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Services in the field of: Personal Development & Strategy with IT and DM

Personal Development:

to get the most out of life in everything you do and find an abundance of joy
(Based on Lieve’s personal life experiences as a 62 year old autodidact and 11 years of trainings & teachings by top specialists)


to make your life easier and reach your goals in the simplest, most efficient and most pleasant way (Inspired by Lieve’s 17 years personal experience as IT responsible & functional business analyst for house program combined with account management & 30 years working with lists for commercial purposes + her personal experiences as entrepreneur)

Direct Response Marketing Techniques:

to get the best possible response in the simplest, most efficient and most pleasant way
(Based on Lieve’s 30 years personal experience with mail order companies and lists; among others 8 yrs marketing; her experiences as entrepreneur and trainings & coaching of top specialists)

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The most important to Lieve is that everybody around her can feel happy & is free of stress and pain and that all women can shine. For those reasons she will always do everything that is in her power to help you to accomplish that.