The story that inspired the vision

“Let All Women Of The World Shine”

I suffered for 15 years from neck & back blockages related to stress. The last year of that period, in 2010, I faced depression and burnout. By the time that was finished, another period of stress and neck & back blockages started.

With time I learned that I had the power to eliminate all that and to heal myself.

Begin 2012, I had a huge epiphany 💜 while I was in a very stressful and emotional period of my life. This made me discover the complete system of life that prevents us from getting emotional stress and body problems related to that and how you can go around your emotions to get out of a dilemma. Which lead me to my activities of today.


Women suffer already enough. By nature of the female body and everything that happens to the detriment of women,  in different areas, on different levels and on a large scale, everywhere in the world.


We can do little or nothing to change that “directly”. So let’s focus on what we “can” manage ourselves.
You can do much more than you think.


When a woman shines, the whole world around her shines and I will do everything I can to create a world where all women can shine 


What I do personally is: 

✅  teach women how they can take control of their life 

✅  teach women how they can enjoy life (and salsa & bachata dancing) to the fullest, in the simplest, most pleasant and most effective way 

✅  let girls & women discover what a beautiful being they are with an incredible power and potential and that they can reach everything that their heart desires ✨ 🌺🌼🌸 ✨ 

Take controle of your life; become more visible and support and inspire women & girls like you.

Discover, Enjoy & Feel Good 2!

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Love 💖
Lieve .